There’s no denying that a bold fringe can drastically change your look, so it’s no coincidence that people shy away from bangs, especially when you take all the different types into consideration.

Can I deal with hair on my face? How often do I have to maintain them? Will I style them every day? Do I have the patience to grow them out? These are just a few questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge.

Let’s talk about face shapes and complimenting bangs. We’ll be honest with you, if you want a particular style of bangs and have the confidence to wear it, do it!

Heart and diamond-shaped faces should lean more towards a wispy fringe, think curtain bangs, deep side parts. 


Round and square-shaped faces are stunning in an A-shaped bang. That’s where the ends taper into an angle.

A-shaped bangs

Oval-shaped faces can pretty much get away with any fringe they have their eye on! Blunt, curtain, French girl fringe, you name it, the sky’s the limit.

Curtain bangs

Keep in mind, your texture comes into play as well, and can change the look of what you are trying to achieve.

Styling your new bangs will test your emotional strength, but trust us, once you get it, it’s worth the stress and tears. Our pro tip is to skip the rough dry. Using your usual hair product that's left on your hands from applying to the rest of your hair, apply the rest to your bangs, you don’t want them to feel heavy with products and become oily by the end of the day. We always recommend using a heat protector no matter what!

Then use a small round brush to style your hair. If you have a cowlick, dry your hair from left to right before using your round brush.

Finish with Dry Texture Spray for that extra zhuzh.

Go on - Take the plunge and get that fringe booked in.