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Naturally tousled texture, sleek and straight, beach waves and crimps, it’s no wonder bobs are still holding strong when it comes to being the It Girl haircut, being as versatile as it is. 

The effortless chop is as low maintenance as you can get. But if you’re used to having rapunzel-like hair, this haircut can be a drastic one to make a switch to. But the secret to having the It Girl bob look great on you is knowing what you’re working with before taking a trip to the salon.

Beachwave blunt bob



What is the best face shape for a blunt bob?

The first step in making the blunt bob work for you is to know your face shape. Ultimately a bob looks great on all face shapes, it’s the length to watch out for. When it comes to such a bold haircut, the line of the bob accentuates the corresponding point of features. A round face shape may not want the bob to end at the jawline for instance, but instead stop an inch or two below the chin to elongate the neckline.

Blunt bob for straight hair

Should a bob be one length?

The purpose and beauty of a blunt bob is that sharp line. Adding layers will take away from that by making it softer, and giving it a dated look, so be careful if you choose to add them. That’s not to say you can’t have layers at all. Invisible layers are great if you want to add more movement, or a halo effect where subtle layers are placed from the crown, hence the name.

Blunt bob for fine hair

How do you style your short hair?

We love a natural textured bob, using a touch of styling cream through mid-length down, scrunch your ends and let your hair air-dry. Alternatively, with the 90’s making a comeback in every way possible, a bob is the perfect length to loosely crimp your hair. Whatever you do, however you want to style your blunt bob, this all-around haircut will look effortlessly cool.

Beachwaves on blunt bob