Soft layers, and timid hair trims be gone. Mullet shags, bold bobs, natural textures, and bright colours are all we have eyes for this Spring.

Adventurous, exciting, bold hair is on everyone’s radar, and can we blame you? It's been a long Winter that's left us wanting more from life. Now is the time to try that hairstyle you’ve always wanted.

Need some inspiration? Let’s get to it!

Redheads are having a moment, and honestly it’s about time. Strawberry blondes, ginger apricot, and all other food-related reds and coppers are an easy shift between the Winter dark brunettes, and Summer bright blondes.

Medulla & Co Red Colour

The blunt bob has been a staple for many over the years, and this reinvented It Girl cut has taken over Instagram as the French girl bob. Not quite a micro-bob, but shorter than the typical bob.

Medulla & Co Blunt Bob

Not interested in chopping off your locks? To go all the way to the other side of the hair spectrum, Rapunzel hair is to continue and maintain your long flowing locks as a dramatic statement.

Medulla & Co Long Layers

The 90’s blonde, aka platinum blonde (thank you Pam Anderson) will be the blonde of the season. Bright, sparkling and refreshing, this will be your next head turner.

Medulla & Co Bright Blonde